Rishikhola – an offbeat nature’s experience

Rishikhola – an offbeat nature’s experience

Rishikhola is an evolving tourist destination spot located in Kalimpong sub-division of West Bengal. The place has derived its name from river “Reshi” and has prominently come off as a fascinating offbeat tourist visit destination in recent years.A river stream in Rishikhola

. Rishikhola stands at the border of West Bengal and Sikkim with its utmost unique location surrounded by green forests and mountains through the place. This makes the place an ideal tourist destination for couples to spend their eternal love days amidst the mountains and greeneries with a light barbeque and bonfire.

mountains and greeneries Rishikhola

Moreover, Rishikhola also stands out to be a perfect stopover for tourists for visiting the ‘Silk Route’. Temptations like rock climbing and light treks are also part and parcel of travelling while visiting Rishikhola.

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