Elation for a true village experience at Tinchuley

Elation for a true village experience at Tinchuley

Tinchuley is a small hamlet amidst the mountains which has been quite famous in the recent years due to extreme effort by the local community people. The place has been already been reconciled by World Wild Life Federation for making it an eco-friendly harvesting area.

 a small hamlet in Tinchuley

Situated at 5800 ft from sea level, the place Tinchuley has certainly evolved out to be a significant and a wacky location for tourist. The beautiful and picturesque view of mountains can be witnessed in Gumbodara, a place situated nearby to Tinchuley which is studded by a local river named Rangit which is a part of Sikkim.

Gumbodara mountain

The snow-capped peaks of Mt. Kanchenjunga are a fascinating view from here.  The place ultimately stands for a photographer to capture some of the most beautiful moments of nature through lenses.

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