Re-Discover North Bengal

Re-Discover North Bengal

Ideal retreat for city escapists – Samsing

If you want to witness the picturesque mountain beauty of Bengal, then one must visit Samsing – a serene village amidst the eastern Himalayan range in Bengal Jalpaiguri District under sub-division of Malbazar. Samsing is situated nearly at a height of 3000 ft. The place is adhered to be topmost hill stations in Bengal through its eternal and enchanting beauty of lush green tea gardens, undulating valleys, streaming rivers and panoramic view of the dense green forest in its surroundings. A city dweller can certainly find Samsing to be one of the most alluring offbeat tourist destinations in West Bengal because of its heavenly pictorial landscape while witnessing tea leaf pickers busy in plucking green buds with a rejuvenating cup of tea from his resort balcony.

Picture of a river stream Samsing in North Bengal

Invigorating soul in nature’s lap – Ramdhura

Ramdhura is a serene hamlet situated a few kilometres away from Kalimpong and Delo. Perched at an altitude of 5000 ft, Ramdhura certainly reconciles to be one of the most eternal villages in north Bengal where one can find unending peace and comfort in nature’s lap. The captivating scenic beauty of the fern bushes, budding of wild unknown flowers gives a voyager’s mind the tranquillity. One can find utter solace through watching the scenic beauty of Ramdhura as tourist can also find their tourist destination to be adventurous while there are more than 200 trekking routes for witnessing some of the rare Himalayan winged animals. Hanuman Tok adds an advantage point to a traveller while visiting Ramdhura as one can catch the panoramic view of snow-capped Mt. Kanchenjunga from there.

Ramdhura Home stay in North-Bengal
Ramdhura Home stay

Enjoy cup of tea in Sinjel Tea Estate

One can find his bustling urban life to be extremely refreshing while having a cup of tea amidst the lush tea gardens of Sinjel. Sinjel, a tea estate situated at 5100 ft height in North Bengal is famous for its tea processing unit as it creates an immense economic value for industrialization of Sinjel. A perfect family outing amidst the budding tea gardens of Sinjel can be alluring to a traveller. Moreover, the eco-fertilized tea estate in Sinjel is a place to be must visit for a tourist coming from all around the world. The collection of one of the finest tea leaves will make a tea lover fascinated and rejuvenate his soul as he can watch the narrow downhill with the bright blue sky falling behind him. The local Nepali culture is something to cherish upon by while travelling to Sinjel.

Picture of Sinjel Tea Garden
Sinjel Tea Garden

Best forest experience at Chapramari

Chapramari stands to be the oldest forest reserves in India situated near the NH31 and Malbazar forest area. The unending rail line steering through the forest connects the north-eastern part of India with Chapramari. One can see river Murti has separated Chapramari Wildlife forest from Gorumara forest. Stretched over 10 square kilometre area, Chapramari is famous for wild elephants and diversified range of flora and fauna. The evenings are fascinating for the tourists travelling here as one can find the wilderness and at the same scenic forestry presence within Chapramari. The presence of deer, reptiles can be seen in the forest which adds an additional charm for the place to be visited by the traveller at any time of the year. Chapramari therefore definitely stands for an ideal weekend destination to travel with your friends and family members.

Chapramari wildlife sanctuary

Visiting Orange Village – Sitong

Sitong is a named to be a small “orange village” in Northern Province of Bengal in Kurseong. The treasure trove of Sitong is a must visit place during the winters, as the orange trees budding with fruits turns the whole village orange which is a solace to watch amidst nature. The contrast of lush green hills makes Sitong – a Lepcha village to be extremely fascinating to watch. Visiting Sitong is certainly worth to watch as one can travel through bamboo ridges, small church, winding village paths striking through orange fields and meandering streams. The small churches in Sitong make the place to be a virgin tourist destination but are accommodated with modern facilities for the guests. The innocence of Mother Nature is undoubtedly cherished and relinquished through visiting Sitong during winters.

The Orange Village sitong
The Orange Village

Experiencing romanticism in Lamhata

Situated about 76 km away from Siliguri, 23 km from Darjeeling and 31 km from Kalimpong, Lamhata is a picturesque place to be pondered upon over NH31 in north Bengal. The roadside views certainly witness you the stretching forest of dhupi and pines along with the pictorial view of eastern Himalayan range with meandering rivers all around the forest paths. The weather of Lamhata is chilling in the evenings as it is situated about 5700 ft from sea level. The rearing of small animals and pastoral farming makes the place a perfect eco-tourism destination spot for the travellers to entrench upon during the weekends. The silence and exploratory ambiance of the dense forest, wildflowers stemming across the roadside and the snow-clad Mt. Kanchenjunga and mountains of Sikkim –all makes Lamhata an adventurous and at the same time a mind-refreshing destination to travel upon for the couples.

Beautiful picture of lamahata_darjeeling

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