Enthralling escapade to Leh Ladakh

Enthralling escapade to Leh Ladakh


Leh- Ladakh

Leh- Ladakh has always entrenched an enchanting traveler’s mind by fulfilling his dreamland exploration by making him witness some of the massive lakes in the world, high altitude ranges, deep valleys and scenic trails. Ladakh popularly known as the “land of high passes’ is recognized by the explorers for its best adventurous experience through following on some exquisite and thrilling mountain expedition with full liberty to rejuvenate his mind and refresh his soul. Nothing fascinating can be derived for a traveler if he happens to travel to this north-west part of the Himalayan range in India and can collect some extraordinary travel memories for a decade and make him allure to come back, again and again, to fetch this remarkable experience amidst the scenic beauty of mountains, lakes, and valleys.A bike riding in the Himalayan range For starting an exciting trip to Ladakh, there are many routes available to the explorers and the Delhi – Manali route is the best to fetch upon for starting an exciting and much-awaited journey to the mountain lap. An epic trip to Leh-Ladakh always starts with snow-clad mountains and scintillating view of crowning mountains of Manali, as one travels from Delhi to Manali to start his adventurous tour to Leh-Ladakh. It is often necessary for a traveller to get acclimatize his body temperature while travelling from Delhi to Leh- Ladakh as the high altitude always makes it difficult to breathe. But as one flows from the steering and winding mountain roads of Manali to Leh, he finds himself more alluring and close to Mother Nature and feels the serenity of the place at its best. While travelling to Leh, ones come across a beautiful picturesque town or village of Jispa.


Jispa is usually promoted as a place and most of the travel operators as a necessary halt in the way of travelling to Leh-Ladakh. Jispa is located at a height of Bagha river at a height of 10,890 ft from the sea level and the place also acts for the travellers to become adapt the high altitude of Leh-Ladakh. While staying at a hotel in Jispa, one can feel the calmness and tranquillity of the place and can hear the roaring of the river Bagha entailing the untold beauty of nature through grilling of pebbles underneath the water of the river. Bagha River originating from the Baralachala Pass, a few hour drives from Jispa is also a fascinating place in your way as one can witness the snow peaks covered with mist and clouds forming a postcard picture in your view. The Jispa Rural Museum makes you acknowledge of the unfolding history and lifestyles of the inhabitants of the Tod valley of the Lahul district. You can rejuvenate your mind amidst the rural nature of the village Jispa with visiting of some local handicraft markets which entail the foundation of an entire village amidst the picturesque view of Himalayan Range.

Himalayan Mountain range, Leh-Ladakh


Jispa is connected to Leh by 3:30 hour long drive. This long hour drive can be fascinating for you as you can find some enchanting passes and mountain beauty to enthrall your Leh-Ladakh tour. Nakee La Pass is one such pass which can be fascinating to pass through and at the same time, dangerously located about 15,647 m above sea level in the Manali-Leh high way between Sarchu and Pang. The pass is comprised through most adventurous winding roads where avalanches, landslides, and snowfalls can happen anytime with making your journey more dreadful. The Nakee La Pass is supposed to have 21 ‘hairpin bends’ with a steep ascent from 4250 m to 4980 m and really a testing experience for the driver while travelling through this road to Leh-Ladakh. Lachulung La Pass is another dangerous pass while travelling through the Leh-Manali highway situated at a height of 5065 m in between the boundary of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. The Lachulung La Pass is more or less located near the Pangong Lake and Sarchu. The stunning beauty of the place is a must watch destination to watch as it represents a scintillating view of high altitude mountains and winding roads with auspicious Tibetan flags hanging from the piles of stones gathered near the pass. Tibetan flags hanging

This pass is also considered to be one of the most favorites passes among the trekkers for hiking. While travelling to Leh, Tanglang La Pass is the second highest mountain pass located in the Zanksar Range in Leh-Ladakh region. It is located at an altitude of 5328 m traversed by Manali-Leh highway and also supposed to be the gateway to Leh. The pass is a fascinating place to pass by while travelling to Leh-Ladakh as it engrosses some brilliant radiant beauties through its astounding backdrops and spectacular landscapes. One can certainly have the best of his adrenaline rush as he passes through the nomadic land of Changpa Herdsman – historically witnessing a nomad raising his goats through the valleys of Tanglang La Pass. By passing through all these dangerous curved passes, one can reach the much-awaited land of Leh where beauty awaits at its best by its picturesque mountainous landscapes and snow-clad peaks surrounding the whole land of Leh.

Leh is a place contrasted to be a snow desert in Ladakh region. The pure refreshing atmosphere in Leh with unforgettable mountain experience certainly makes the visitors feel like residing on the paradise on earth. The towering peaks and snow-capped peaks of both Himalayan and Karakorum Ranges with stretched green valleys make the place a favorite place to be explored upon.

monasteries in Leh

Leh is presumed to be known as “land of old monks’ and monasteries among which the Royal Palace built by King Senegge Namgyal in the 17th century remains to be a major attraction. There have been presences of many monasteries like Shey, Hemis, Alchi, Thikse, and Lamayuru which nurture the spiritual desire of the travelers.

Moreover, Leh is also a famous destination spot for the adventure loving tourist while involving in activities like mountaineering, water-rafting and most favourite is trekking.  From Leh, the most talked about place to visit is the Pangong Lake. The rustic charm while travelling to Pangong Lake is undoubtedly the most mystic beauty as one can find a peaceful abode in this planet. While travelling to Pangong, one can halt at Gurudwara Pathar Saheb where you will be served with hot tea to rejuvenate your senses for a hilly outing. Travelling to Pangong-Lake

Travelling to Pangong Lake, you have to pass through Chang La Pass lying at a height of 5360m and denoted to be the second highest motorable pass of the world named after Sadhu Changla Baba. The presence of the nomadic tribes in this area is acknowledged to be adding to the rustic charm of this place at such a high altitude. The incredible scenic beauty at this unbelievable altitude guarded by Indian Army on Chinese border makes a traveller stay in a trance amidst nature. After reaching Pangong Lake, one can come close to a mesmerizing beauty and also witness the famous film shooting spot of 3 Idiot’s climax scene by Amir Khan.

pristine blue waters of Pangong Lake

The surface of Pangong Lake with its pristine blue waters is reflected with three distinct Shades of water. The snow-capped mountains surrounding the lake form an eternal charm and beauty to the exemplifying glory of the place. The cold windy winds blowing at a moderate speed is certainly something to cherish upon with hot Maggi available at a local food corner at this highest altitude. After a night’s stay, the next destination awaits is to pass through Khardungla pass – worlds highest motor-able pass situated at height of 5602m and travel to Leh. While passing through Khardungla Pass, one can find an absolute picturesque beauty of nature and can hear the whispering of the cold mighty winds blowing at such an altitude. The highest cafe in the world positioned here and you can enjoy the scenic beauty while being served with hot coffee.

Nubra Valley

After departing from Khardungla pass, one can find the enchanting Nubra valley where the deep cut Shayok and Nubra River offers marvelous and artistic scenery as one finds the green oasis villages enclosed by thrilling stark screed slopes and arid mountains. The beautiful glistening glacier beamed by sunrays makes the place more alluring and picturesque to a traveler.

Nubra Valley in Ladakh

The lasting glance through the Nubra Valley glacier can make a traveler relinquish his solace amidst Mother Nature. Now it comes the days when you find that it is the time to run back to the urban life. But surely one can find his absolute peace of mind while residing some days amidst snow-clad mountains, winding hill roads, high altitude passes in a picturesque location and most importantly among a rural culture of Tibetans which has a fragrance of nomadic life that every traveler wishes to be lived upon.

nomadic life in Tibet

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