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Magick Trip earnestly urges you to offer your esteemed services to our travelling content. You are welcome to register your details of services which can be best utilized for quenching the thirst of the adventure loving travellers to find those accommodating services and products entailed by you to adhere through our travel site. We assure you to best business dealings with us by designing an affordable trip for the travellers. We assure you to be provided with remarkable management resources for making your services and products more alluring to customers and open some future prospects in business dealings.

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Magick Trip offers you the best merchandising techniques to make your products and services more attractive to customers with maximum visitor’s content. Undoubtedly you will be availed with proper account activation, quick uploading of your referred product or services, best set up gallery support for your provided information so that we can make one of the best business dealing experience with you as well as for the customers to be satisfied with your passionate response to us. We urge for a proper submission of your products and services so that fruitful merchandising of your products and services can be done.

  1. Upload your product or services.
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  3. Give us some time for review.

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You can avail you financial procurement through the dashboards provided in the website. You can easily avail your financial management through the various denominations set up in our websites showing you total earning through services, chart information, history for booking services etc. You can get an automated update of financial messages through this site which will definitely keep you thoroughly updated about your profit or loss statements while working with us. It is our virtue that we provide updated information about all your financial set ups in such a proactive way.

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Go to partner dashboard.
  3. Manage your customers and finances.
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