Privacy Policy

The strategies of Magick Trips works to maintain privacy of details of people. This includes all confidential information of the people concerned. However this privacy policy will apply only to those people who have carried out any transaction or at least have made an inquiry about it, using Magick Trips user system that works in a series of interface networks like websites, normal mobile sites, or just offline modes like call centers, and other sources.  They are also  referred to as the sales channels.

In this overall system, of privacy policy, the reference made using “you” or “your” mean the users who are using the services and the words “we”, “us”, “our”, refer o the Magick Trips authority. Also reference to the word “website” means the entire medium used to access this service like that of mobile sites, mobile apps or simply web sites.

While entering into access of this service, the user has to first pass through certain terms and conditions highlighted to him on logging into the site. He has to agree to all of the conditions before he can proceed further. This applies to the website as well as in all the sales channels. However this privacy policy is strictly limited to the internal sources only and has no access to the third party sources. Such links just appear as a hyperlink and has nothing to do with the terms and conditions of the privacy policy of Magick Trips. The privacy policy is hence a kind of link between the users and Magick Trips through the under agreement that includes the most important aspects in its proper respects.

Type of information

The most important form of information is there personal information that is shared by the people when they access the service after they have just logged in, and magicktrips authorities use this information for a number of purposes.

Information gathered by a user logs into  the service interface: details relating to the personal data of a user like his name, gender, marital status,  age, religion, all contact  related information like phone number, email  id, fax number of other  details get identified when any transaction (that may be registration or just normal access to the web site). Other  than this, information like ban k details, kind of lifestyle led   by the  user or his annual income, or all kinds of purchase transactions made by  him as per his billing records are also identified.

Accordingly the information can be categorized into the following types:-

  • Transactional history that includes all information related to e-commerce services or buying behavior of the user.
  • All account related details like username, password, email id, and other sources.
  • All information either created by the user himself or through any linked third party. These data are collected and then sorted as document files, or image files.
  • All other forms of data that have been received from any  third  party  like  channels  pertaining to the social media(involving both  personal and general data), that  have been used  to  create or access the social media profile, like name, address, contact details  and other similar
  • Other than this there is a special booking facility under which the under can book for his friends or their people through the same service that he is using online. This feature of Magick Trips however comes with another rule that the management of Magick Trips privacy policy ensure that all the data that have been provided by the user for his friends or others, are true to themselves, and hold the consent of the latter.

How personal information of the users are used by Magick Trips

In case of booking transactions:-

While access the  website, the  user presents the magicktrips with a number of personal details like the name  of the  person who has made the transaction as seen  in his debit or credit card, the  expiry date, overall banking or wallet details, and other forms.,  these data lay b with the Magick Trips  group and they use it for the user  when they are done to  make their booking, and that in turn helps to carry out the overall  process  of booking even faster. All the details available from the credit card or the debit card are however encrypted in their form so as to provide a means of security and safety to the customers. Other then the person al details, all details regarding the list of people who are to travel, are also collected and stored by Magick Trips.

Some of the key uses of gathering information and later using it are:-

These personal details are required by Magick Trips to confirm the users about their reservation schedules and other relisted activities,

This helps top keep the users confirmed about the status of their transaction,

These help to send confirmation email and other forms for confirmation top the users about their booking.

With the help of this, the Magick Trips officials can keep in their users updated and in case of any alteration or changes in the booking; they will be able to inform their users.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, the customer service of Magick Trips also  get a chance to contact their customers and inform about various  information related  to booking whenever they fell like, An d also when  the user  requires any  help  regarding  booking.

These details also serve as a base to Magick Trips to customize their website, mobile app, and mobile site, for the users.

Another crucial important t use of collecting these details are that, these details can be used to contact the users and know their feedbacks and about the existing services or some recommendation about how to develop in future as per their needs.

The contact details are also a link to Magick Trips to send verification emails or messages, to customers in case of booking.


Surveys are conducted both in online and in offline made to understand the views and opinions of the customers. However it is not compulsory for  the users to take  part in the surveys an d they  have  their own choice  to decide  whether  they want  to express  their o opinion by participating  in  such surveys or not. Again Magick Trips makes it sure that all the people who take part in this survey session,   are completely protected and their personal details are disclosed. These surveys are just intended to understanding the areas where the services are lagging behind, and which can be improved with a little effort.

 Marketing promotions research and programs:

All the means of marketing promotions and other programs are just tolls to understand the satisfaction or the requirements of the users. One such reward or benefit policy practiced by Magick Trips is offering their customers free gifts, on transactions. For example   they get a free holiday trip to places that all like, and would love to visit at least once in a lifetime. First Magick Trips make effort to collect and store all the contact information and other details that has been gathered from the users through their access of the web site through transactions. Later   using  these personal information the  Magick Trips makes effort top contact  people and notify them about  winners of  contests  held by them ad promotion tools  or about improvement  of  such and such  travel service. Also, through this facility, the users can receive timely information and updates about new improvements or offers offered on travel by Magick Trips from time to time, and about the sales rate or pattern. Schemes related to sales  can be for various  kinds like  savings benefit  on  per transaction  i.e. booking  made on  airfare, special benefits  during  peak or off  seasons in hotels to  favorite travel destinations,  special   holiday packages, car  rental services, and other forms of programs or policies by the Magick Trips  management. These are the main benefits.  Other than this there are other indirect benefits as well. For example the users will be able to receive newsletters, emails, and other information regularly. The officials    of the Magick Trips work in a very smart manner to understand their uses. Like  for example  if a  user  has placed a query  regarding   travel or booking, then the Magick Trips first tries to access  their personal information, band  what is the nature  of  his or her question,  an d then presents  tem with a  suitable answer against  that question. These data are later used for further development of the website based on actual experience and transaction with the users.

Cookies and session data:

Cookies- these are tiny parts of information that a browser stores when a website is logged in. these data are later stored in the drive of the user’s computer. Just like other reputed online companies, Magick Trips also store maintains proper measure regarding the confidentiality of information of its users with null access to the third parties. Cookies are just used to understand about the bring patter of people, to provide them with better experiences in future. As cookies help to store a certain part of the login details (like username), so a user can easily log into the website of Magick Trips, and this kind of access is hence quicker and the user will not have to individually type for login name and other details every time he wishes to log in.  Cookies are also used to display some important advertisements before the user, while he is online, and he has logged in, into the portal. Apart from this, the cookies help to send various offers to users, in the form of emails provide that the users allow notifications to such kind of emails and messages. Such cookies can also be generated and placed by advertising servers. However the cookies are not used for any personal intention but they are intended to track how fruitful the means of advertisements have been to the users.  Other than the Magick Trips authorities, cookies are also generated and used by third parties for understanding the interest areas of the customers or users. However all the data that are collected is an anonymous in their form, and these are collected through a pixel tag which is one of the most recent forms of technology. These forms of cookies are mostly adapted by the web sites directly, if the user whishes so. However all activities are made to maintain the security of the users against all kinds of harmful websites or harmful content. However the cookies come with a box of positive and negative aspects and if the user blocks the cookies of Magick Trips, he might not get able to access some of the most important feature and services. So, a user should check all the features and block only some cookies while keeping room for the rest, so that he does not miss any important information.

Automatic logging of session data:-

Every time a user logs into the Magick Trips website, a certain amount of session data gets involved. The session data involves the IP address of the user from where he is logging in the operating system being used, or the browser software that he is using to log into that particular web site. The session data help Magick Trips to understand the tastes of its user, the sites or preferences of the users from the sites that he has viewed maximum times, or for longer period of time. Other than understanding the tastes and preferences of the service users, these facilities also help the Magick Trips to understand if there is any issue persistent with their servers that they need sort out, and they can then carry out necessary actions to fix it soon. This kind of analyzing process cannot understand the actuality of a person’s accessing nature or source. but these can help the Magick Trips to at least  understand  the  user’s intern et service provider(ISP), or the place or the  country from where he  is logging in, based on  the IP address that has been tracked.

Sources with whom the data are shared:

Service providers/suppliers- all users’ related data are open to airline services, hotels, transport service providers, and other sources that are in any way related to booking processes. The privacy policy of Magick Trips clearly leaves condition under which a user give s full consent to Magick Trips to use their data to the services mentioned above. However still, Magick Trips strongly checks that all the data provided by the users, are used only by the referral services, or  during promotional activities and are not used  otherwise. Hence these data are to be used by the vendors or the alliance partners only and no the third party shall be  involved in it.

All companies that fall under the same umbrella (sector or business)

Under some restrict ted conditions, Magick Trips might share the data related to personal information of the users with some affiliate companies or other subsidiaries to the main company, which are handled by a main source for their chief source.  however  there is another condition  under which for any reason  or emergency if the Magick Trips have to sell or  reform their structure san d hand it over to any other subsidiary source, then all their data containing  details are  out and their users will also be  transferred to  them officially.

Business partners or third party vendors

Magick Trips shares the data  by selecting only as part of it, with different sources , who use this data to contact the users personally an d  inform them about new services, or schemes, developed be  them. These sources can be based on various backgrounds like credit card pr travel insurance companies, and other sources. Hence these areas are shared with other vendors. However the payment related activities are carried out by Magick Trips itself without sharing it with others; like in case of payment related activities, data hosting services, and other similar activities. The data derived from the user are compared on the basis of performing statistical analysis on what the users prefer or what they don’t want, and the analysis is carried out for a large number of individuals to understand about their tastes for online services and preferences of the people.

Disclosure information

Under normal situations Magick Trips does not disclose any data to third parties. However in some emergency cases, as described above, it does so. Some of the factors under which Magick Trips has to disclose  the data  of the users to  third parties have been described  as under:-

  • In any  case  if the governmental the law, wishes  to  carry out any investigation fro the security of people, or  to find out results   to  some issue, the data have to be disclosed to them in  order to help them and support in  carrying out  all formal processes related to the law and government,
  • In case of business processes by Magick Trips,
  • In case of  performing  audits  or other similar  processes,
  • For safety and security if all the systems and system related services by Magick Trips.
  • To find out and prevent, any unauthorized use by any individual, which are against the rules if Magick Trips, which might harm others.

To check that  all facts are protected, Magick Trips has  to check if any spam  message or email has been  received, which can cause any ham and damage to others.

How personal information are protected

All personal information of the users has to pass through SSL i.e. secure socket layer encryption system.  This is based on coding process and all information are encrypted, modified, and reaches the Magick Trips. There is also a system of secure server that comes into action, when a user wishes to modify his details.

Modification in privacy policy

The privacy policy system is dynamic and keeps on changing according to the customers and the management of Magick Trips. Users are free to express their views or concerns on . All queries or doubts can be put up in this email id for necessary clarifications.


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